The descent of River It was undoubtedly one of the most difficult moments that the club faced in its history. And one of the protagonists of that 2011 was Juan Pablo Carrizo who this afternoon spoke exclusively with TNT Sports.

The footballer is in Mexico where he must decide what he will do with his future and said that “today I feel very good, much more mature than a few years ago.” While he stressed that “it was a dream come true to consecrate myself with River”, He also referred to the hard stage he lived with the club.

“The River fan always had a lot of gratitude. I never received unpleasant words or had ugly moments. I feel very fortunate for the love they give me. I had to have done something to make people recognize me. People don’t recognize it so easily, “the archer began highlighting.

In addition, he explained that “in 2011 I was wrong in two games. Do you think that I would have wanted to be wrong in the most difficult year for River? It does not exist in any head. I would have wanted to be a superhero, save the club and stay in the history of the club in another way but each one puts you in the place they want. I know where I am, I know what type of player I am and what was my commitment at the time. “

Regarding the loss of the category, the former millionaire goalkeeper said that “there is not a single culprit. Neither a player nor the leadership. It is a whole body that functioned poorly a long time ago. In sports that year the limit was reached.” He also added that “I had to be part and I will never regret it. I came back with the idea of ​​contributing to River at a very difficult time.”

Carrizo also revealed that “at that time I felt that the club needed the players that emerged from the club. And you take certain risks of the game. No one wanted that ending. But seeing reality today, it was necessary. Because you have to hit bottom, there is no other. “

The goalkeeper ended by explaining that “we had to go to the Promotion and anything could happen there.” His return to Lazio was surrounded by controversy and the same player was in charge of clarifying things.

“I wanted to stay after the descent because the worst was over and it was time to continue being there. I clarify that River had me on loan that year and it was 6 million dollars. A team when going downhill is not going to spend. I did everything in my power to stay. I delayed my return to Europe because I wanted to stay. It was my most difficult moment in terms of sports “, he closed.