It was maintained, Estér Exposito runs Alejandro Speitzer

It was maintained, Estér Exposito runs to Alejandro Speitzer | INSTAGRAM

Every time the rumors are bigger that the relationship between Ester Exposito and Alejandro Speitzer has ended, this thanks to the fact that users noted that both stopped sharing photos together and interacting on their official social media profiles.

Of course, the media were in charge of making their moves and getting in touch with some close friends of the young people who managed to confirm the News and they assure that they broke up thanks to Esther got tired of the attitude from Alex.

It is said that Ester was supporting her boyfriend and that she did everything to him, so much so that the actress ran him screaming from her apartment, which they shared in Spain, so she had to return to Mexico and continue with her life.

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Alex had been living in Europe since last year after recording a miniseries called “Someone has to die”, he wanted to be with his girlfriend because things were going wonderfully, and they were both doing very well, according to one of those close to the actress.

“My friend is very young but has a famous and very high consolidated career in SpainThat’s why Alex believed that he would not have to worry too much that they would do very well together ”.

“She was very much in love because Alex is a very Handsome Y attractiveShe thought that like her they would achieve many things together, despite the fact that they made the decision together and that they were very happy, they both tried to be carefree. She would try to get him a project in Spain with brands and media so that they recognized him more and more ”.

However after the recordings of the first season of “Dark Wish” Alex was taking a break from what they started with the second one and at that time she was introducing him with various producers and entrepreneurs so that he could enter the artistic medium where he already is, but he had a very bad attitude.

“He was very arrogant and hateful even when she introduced him to someone he considered it a small thing and only accepted to be the image of some companies that he liked,” continued Ester’s friend to the entertainment media.

“He seemed to be on an endless vacation in fact before moving to live together they had agreed to pay the expenses between the two and that they would take care of keeping it clean. Together something that did not happen because she put in all the money and did everything.”

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According to Ester’s friend, she told him quite angrily that Alex does not understand and that she is not there to support anyone in addition to getting him projects, nothing accommodated him is very exhausting.

Of course they ended the relationship because she spoke to him seriously several times and he never understood.

According to the information, Ester was in charge of grabbing Alex’s things, putting them in some suitcases and taking them out of the apartment just down the hall, telling him that she wanted him to leave that he is a maintained and then she released the door.

Of course Alejandro was very impressed, he couldn’t believe it but he grabbed his things and left he didn’t say anything in fact he quietly left to let her calm down and then speak but this never happened.

Alex is uncomfortable that he went to the apartment of a friend of Ester’s for a few days, he told her that he asked permission to stay for a few days and arrange his flight to Mexico to start filming the second season of Dark Desire.

A few days ago the two attended Milan Italy where it was the presentation of a brand in which he was participating when he arrived they were very distant and did not approach in fact they asked that no one take photos of them together even he wanted to talk to her but she continues so upset that she was denied it

It seems that things will not improve and that they will not return because these last months have been quite uncomfortable for both of us, things have completely changed. Ester was left with a very bad taste in her mouth, as well as having many projects and a vision that she seems not to share with him, she is very focused on her career and he only wants to continue on his way in his own way.

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