While almost everyone’s soccer is stopped by the pandemic of coronavirusSome protagonists take the opportunity to dialogue with the media. This time, the one who gave statements was Matías Patanian, the former vice president of River. Among other things, he spoke about the series before Mouth of the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores 2015, in which the Millionaire He ended up advancing to quarters and then became champion.

“It was a shame for the whole world of football what happened at that crossing, the people of Boca knew that they were going to be responsible for what happened on the same playing field,” said Patanian. In addition, he added: “We were in the highest box, the one near the press boxes, we began to see that something was happening at the exit of the manga and on the television that was there, there were screams, it was something abnormal” .

On the other hand, in dialogue with ., he maintained: “We met Rodolfo (D`Onofrio) and we started to go down with security people. First we got into River’s dressing room and when we went down to what is the playing field, They tried to stop us from entering, but we came with the impulse and concern about what might be happening. “

And in the same line, he expressed: “The first thing I did was see Marcelo (Gallardo) and D’Onofrio had the intersection with Arruabarrena, we were concerned about the health of the players. Then Rodolfo left and his arrival at the locker room because it flew everything, I stayed a while longer talking to our players and our assistants. “

Finally, he analyzed: “It was a very confusing situation because even the CONMEBOL delegate had no idea what to do because it was something absolutely unusual, it was very difficult to be an authority and to be there. In the people of Boca there was a lot nervousness because they knew they were going to be responsible for a situation that occurred on the playing field. “