Carlos Sainz has valued the seventh position he has achieved in the classification of the British GP. The Spanish McLaren driver has assured that he has felt much more comfortable with his car.

“It is a good classification from the point of view of the car. It was quite good, comfortable with him, better than at other Grand Prixes ”, began the McLaren driver. “We have improved my feelings a bit with the car. In Q3 I did not do the best lap I could do, I went behind in two or three corners and it caused me to lose a lot of time on the straights and that is why we could not qualify higher, « added Carlos Sainz.

« Seventh with a lap not very good, let’s see what we can do tomorrow », he said of the British GP in which Lewis Hamilton will start from pole. « There was margin with the car, we have improved in Q3 several tenths without making a good lap », the Spanish driver continued explaining. « There was room, lor the only thing left is to keep working, that the sensations have improved a little this weekend and make sure that we continue in this direction and we don’t get lost, ”explained Carlos Sainz.

On the other hand, Carlos Sainz spoke about the differences he has experienced on the circuit from yesterday to today and what can be expected in the race. « The track has changed a lot from yesterday to today and what we learned yesterday is worthless, » he began by saying. It’s going to be a little, let’s say, a little to throw the coin in the air. The front wheels look like they are going to suffer more, so we will have to be a little careful, « he said.