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Fans of Electronic Arts games today received a lot of important news regarding the company’s studies. The presentation was full of important announcements and one of the games presented was Hazelight Studio’s new project, It Takes Two.

The Josef Fares studio is in charge of a new cooperative multiplayer title, only this time the adventure will be different from A Way Out, especially for the creative direction.

In It Takes Two you will live an action adventure in which a little girl lives a tragic story with her parents, who are facing problems in their relationship. The tormented girl will create wooden and clay versions of her parents and they will come to life in the video game.

Something interesting about this new game is that it will mix the story with the game mechanics naturally, according to Fares. Not much gameplay was shown about the title, but there were a few sections that show the concept.

It Takes Two will arrive in 2021. The platforms were not confirmed.

We leave you with the trailer below.

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