It shows below, Miley Cyrus without a bra and with her new clothes

It shows below, Miley Cyrus without a bra and with her new clothes | INSTAGRAM

On countless occasions the intrepid American singer Miley Cyrus has shown us her personality crazy Y liberal always willing to enjoy her life regardless of what others think of her and this time she has once again divided opinions thanks to one of her actions.

It is a snapshot that she placed on her Instagram in which she herself assures that its cancelled referring to the new cancellation trend that users apply to celebrities who act in a way that they consider inappropriate.

And as you can remember we already mentioned it before Miley Cyrus It is the symbolic representation of the inappropriate for what appeared with a white blouse and with nothing underneath so it is not no bra and therefore their charms were noticed through the blouse.

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In addition, on his pants he has the figure of a woman drawn how God brought her into the world in a very interesting and professional illustration that gave a touch of his style to the garment that is of his own “brand”, a very interesting piece of entertainment.

The set of white clothes was accompanied by black boots that look like military men with which you can see that she was very comfortable while enjoying the armchair that she has placed in the garden of her house.

In addition, he also showed us the back of the pants where he says the words “Is Canceled” (It is canceled) and on the front her name Miley Cyrus, so we can see that it is a totally personalized set of clothes.


He also showed us that he was spending some quality time with his pet, a puppy that looks quite spoiled who is also reclining in that same chair at the time of the photo session that took place there.

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There is no doubt that Miley Cyrus still has a lot to do to surprise the Internet world who were waiting for these interesting photos but that when they saw them they knew what one of the creations of the beautiful American daughter of Ray Cyrus was.

Who would have thought that a Disney artist could become this type of film artist, life without grief and above all irreverent on any side that is seen, although it is worth mentioning that many actors who left that television station have taken that course and seems like a so curious.

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