It shocked us! Brendan Fraser shocks with his incredible physical change

The reason for this severe weight gain is for professional reasons, as Brendan had to gain weight for the character he plays in The Whale, the upcoming film by Darren Aronofsky (Mother! And Requiem for a dream), where he will play a morbidly obese man.

The film will address the complicated life of a man with obesity problems and whose weight exceeds 300 kilos, although it is evident that the actor did not gain that amount of kilos, the increase in muscle mass will help his role. In fact, make-up artists are expected to complement the actor’s transformation with plastic prosthetics.

Brendan Fraser. (..)

The Whale will mark the return of the actor to the screens, as he had a distance from the seventh art after revealing that he suffered sexual abuse by journalist Philip Berk and making it clear that he preferred to put his physical health first, since some risk scenes had severely hurt his column .

“When I made the third Mummy movie (in 2008) they wrapped me in ice and tape. He made me an exoskeleton every day,” Fraser revealed.

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