It seems that Meghan Markle and her prince are not entirely happy: the Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue their fight against the paparazzi in LA

The decision of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Leaving the British monarchy in search of the financial independence and privacy they so desired for their family has not turned out exactly as they hoped. While it is true that they have been able to start a foundation called Archewell in honor of their son Archie and have signed collaboration agreements with Netflix or Spotify, the media harassment has not been reduced at all.

Without going any further, last summer the couple sued a paparazzi who photographed their little one in their own home and has also denounced the presence of drones flying over the property on several occasions. In his fight to protect his privacy, Prince Henry has found an unexpected ally in the famous actor Orlando Bloom, one of his neighbors in the exclusive Santa Barbara development where he resides.

Both have agreed to find out about the presence of photographers in the area waiting to capture an image of themselves, to be able to be accompanied by their children -Orlando has a little girl with singer Katy Perry and an older son with his former Miranda Kerr- , which would later be sold for a millionaire figure.

“Two days ago Orlando Bloom sent me a message because he is right at the end of the street and we keep in touch due to the paparazzi,” Enrique explained on Dax Shepard’s ‘Armchair Expert’ podcast.

“He sent me a photograph that his security team got of a guy with long hair wearing a cap and headphones, and who was lying with a huge camera in the back of a pickup truck with tinted windows. There was a woman behind the wheel who made the peace sign as a distraction and he was lying in the back of this truck taking pictures of them with his daughter. How can something like this be normal, how can it be acceptable?

Despite the fact that these types of incidents continue to occur frequently, Enrique considers that he made the right decision by renouncing his institutional role and leaving the United Kingdom because deep down he has experienced a notable improvement in his quality of life.

“Since I live here, I can lift my head and I feel different. I notice my shoulders more relaxed, and Meghan also; you can walk feeling a little freer. I can carry Archie on the back of my bike. I had never had the opportunity to do it ”, he added.

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