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Crossfire is one of the most popular PC shooters in Asia. Its arrival on consoles will be possible thanks to CrossfireX, a game that is in development as an exclusive premiere for Xbox on consoles.

There are quite a few expectations in the project, especially since Remedy Entertainment is in charge of a part of its development. The study of Control and Alan Wake works specifically in the FPS company.

Several months have passed without news about the game, but this changed today, as clues were found that there will soon be a Beta. So players are expected to finally get their first look at the shooter in a few days.

What we know about the CrossfireX Beta

Smilegate West, the study in charge of the game, has not released details about the test. However, the Microsoft store did display a page with information about the FPS Beta.

If the information displayed in the store is accurate, the Beta would start next Thursday, June 25. It was also confirmed that CrossfireX will be optimized for Xbox One X, so it will be able to run at 4K.

In addition, it is revealed that the title will offer multiplayer games for a group of 2 to 16 players. The required installation for the Beta will be 5.88 GB. For now, it is not known if it will be an open or closed test.

Smilegate West is expected to share information about it in the next few days, probably today or early next week. The information in the Microsoft store may be imprecise, so the Beta may start on a different date than the one indicated.

“CrossfireX offers an intense FPS experience in which players will be immersed in a great global conflict between the 2 most formidable private military factions in the world. Choose your side and complete objective-based missions through a variety of classic and innovative modes with elaborate gameplay and cinematic graphics, ”says the title description.

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CrossfireX has no release date, but it is expected to hit Xbox One sometime this year. In this link you will find other news related to the FPS.