“It seems strange to me that the same referee will touch us again”


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Daniel Guillen

The Chilean goalkeeper, Claudio Bravo, stoked the arbitration team after his team could not get past the tie against Bolivia due to a rigorous penalty and continue far from the top four places: “It seemed strange to us that someone who had sanctioned him and someone who did not let us add three by the same situation we had today would referee us”.

Team Captain, to the one who still has one more year of contract with Real Betis, insisted that the maximum penalty should not have been set: “From my point of view, it doesn’t seem like a penalty to me. I think the shot goes out, but it seems more strange to me that the same referee will touch us again. We had a situation with them in Uruguay, he was punished and he refereed us again. U.S”.

The same collegiate, Éber Aquino, ruled not signal a penalty in favor of Chile for alleged hands against Uruguay several months ago, when the electronic marches with a tie at one. The ex of Barcelona reiterated his position: “It seems quite strange to me. It is no coincidence.”.

The ticket for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the great illusion

Lasarte’s Chile certified a new tie and continues out of the top four positions that give direct access to the World Cup that takes place in Qatar next year. With six points in six games, the Chileans march in seventh place to two units in Uruguay, which marks the last access plaza.

The team leader, Claudio Bravo, stressed that they are on the right track: “I have seen an aggressive Chile, with high pressure and generating a lot of goal chances. Playing in this way brings us closer to entering a new World Cup. The way we compete gives the illusion of going”.

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