It seems official: the new generation of the Nissan Navara will not arrive in Europe

It seemed that the pick up segment I was living a golden age in Europe. The push of the SUV’s encouraged firms, such as Mercedes-Benz, to venture into it. However, everything seems to point in the opposite direction, that is, that it is getting stuck. The proof is that manufacturers like Nissan would have decided to leave it to focus your attention, and efforts, on other more profitable parts of the market. And this measure would have a reason.

Apparently the sale of new pickups in Europe it has only shrunk in recent years. 2020 was very critical, especially due to the economic crisis caused by the Coronavirus. This year, always according to Nissan data, the number of deliveries registered in this region was about 116,280 units. Of these, a large part went to Ford and Toyota, firms that have dominated this market niche for many years.

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The Nissan Navara would disappear from Europe when the Barcelona factory closes its doors

Nissan Navara OFF-ROADER AT32

Given this situation, the decision to make seemed clear. According to various sources, including Automotive News, Taking advantage of the closure of the Barcelona factory, they will eliminate Navara from Europe. This, in part, makes a lot of sense, especially considering the fate his brothers suffered. We refer to the Renault Alaskan and Mercedes-Benz X-Class which, in the case of the French model, continues its path in Argentine lands.

According to him statement that Nissan would have sent Automotive News

“The production of the current generation Nissan Navara for European markets it will end when our Barcelona plant closes in December 2021, and sales will end in the course of 2022 ″ […] «This reflects the decline in the pickup segment in Europe and the shift many consumers are taking from trucks to our range of modern and efficient trucks »

Nissan Frontier MY22: The Yankee sister of the Navara looks this good

This measure, at first, was to be alleviated with the import of units from Thailand. In fact, months ago the Nissan navara presented a new special series for this market. However, it seems that the board of directors of the Japanese firm would have decided that finally the European market will not receive units from any production center. In this way, they would eliminate a mythical model like the Navara from their catalog.

With everything, it will be necessary be very attentive to possible news that can be given. Very recently we got to know the new generation Frontier. The Yankee version of our Navara is much more attractive and complete than its, for now, rivals. Who knows, considering that Mitsubishi was going to leave Europe forever and in the end has decided to stay, something similar happens with the Navara. Don’t you think …?

Source – Automotive News

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