“It seemed very low to me”

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On the night of Thursday, February 18, ‘The island of temptations’ aired its fifth program on Telecinco, in which the second bonfire of Lola Mencía could be seen. The Leonese could see how her partner shared not only numerous moments with Carla, but also kissed with her. In addition, he listened with disbelief to Diego James Lover’s criticism against her, who claimed to feel relieved that he had not had children with Lola, since a separation would mean that he would have to be, supposedly, the person in charge of the maintenance.

Lola collapses in ‘The island of temptations’ after seeing the images of Carla and Diego

« I would have gotten involved with her. I won the fights by KO », also assured the Cantabrian, before what even Marina García, Lola’s partner, described him as « pathetic ». « From all this I keep what I have to keep towards myself. I am a very hard-working woman, I think he has never had to pay me a penny », defended the Leonese, after hearing the criticism of her partner, at which point she was barely able to contain her tears. « I am an independent woman in that sense. I have always paid everything myself. That has seemed very low, » acknowledged the participant, annoyed, after which she assured that Diego « acts out of revenge, for leaving me badly. In that sense, I thought that she would never say something like that about me, because I don’t consider myself a poor devil who doesn’t even have a place to fall dead « . « I’m not materialistic or anything, I’m the humblest thing in the world »Mencía reiterated, after receiving the support of her colleagues.

The program then issued new images in which Diego conversed and kissed with Carla, to later ensure that « He who laughs last laughs best and I always laugh last. » « All the time pride, pride and more pride »criticized Lola, who pointed out that her actions were motivated by « spite, revenge, pride, resentment. » « Do you think he has stopped loving you? » Sandra Barneda asked then, causing Lola to collapse and burst into tears. « I haven’t stopped loving him. I can’t answer that, because I knew I was going to act like this, » the participant finally answered, unable to contain her tears. « For once in my life, someone I have known in three days has put me above, something that he has not done in three years, » said the Leonese, referring to Simone Coppola. « For me it is very strong. I believed that my relationship was perfect and to come here and see it with your own eyes, feel it in your heart, which it is not, it is hard until you assimilate it« , admitted Lola who, before the cameras, admitted that » I am disappointed. «  » She has decided to be free without even having a conversation with me. He has sweated it, so let him do what he wants with his life, « he declared, speaking of his partner.