“It may be proposed shortly”

The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, has advanced this Monday that “shortly” it will be proposed to vaccinate people over 65 with the AstraZeneca vaccine given the new evidence provided by studies in older people.

“It is possible that the AstraZeneca vaccine in Spain may soon be proposed to people over 65 years of age”, Simón declared at a press conference. This possibility is raised, as he has assured, by the data that show “that it can be very useful.”

“Every time we have more solid evidence that in people over 65 it will have the effect that we would like it to have,” he asserted.

Currently the age limit in Spain is 65 years. On March 10, World Health Organization (who) has already recommended the AstraZeneca vaccine for those over 65After several countries set that age as a limit – even 55 years, in the case of Spain, which later expanded the range to 65 – to vaccinate its population with the serum of the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company.

Now, the Ministry of Health is considering the possibility of immunizing the elderly also with this vaccine, when verifying that “the technical sheet does not close the door to being able to use it” in higher ages.

This possibility will be discussed, as announced by the director of CCAES, “Between today and Wednesday, which is when the Interterritorial Council will have time to assess it”. In this way, a final decision will be made “if the Vaccine Conference team considers that the scientific evidence is sufficiently solid”, as well as if the European Medicines Agency (EMA) also considers it necessary and safe. this modification in the vaccination plan.

“I think it is very possible, the evidence is increasing. I don’t know if it will be this week, the next, or maybe later. But the evidence tells us that it could be very useful, “he reiterated.

Other European countries already allowed those over 65 without serious pathologies to be inoculated with AstraZeneca serum. It is the case of Italy, where the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, 73, was vaccinated with the first dose of this vaccine. They do the same in France or Germany; the latter after reversing its decision to limit immunization with AstraZeneca to people over 65 years of age. For its part, United Kingdom decided to inoculate the entire population with this serum, regardless of age, even before the new studies were published.