It looks like the MG Cyberster will hit production, but there is no proof …

The MG Cyberster Concept has meant a little big revolution for chinese english manufacturer. Since SAIC Motor took over in 2005, “boring” models have taken over its portfolio. However, now that their jump to the European market is a palpable reality, they want to give their range more excitement. So they have not thought about it and have created this two-seater roadster that, in one way or another, pays homage to the MG B.

Well, after your official debut at the Shanghai Motor Show the brand decided it could bring it into production. To do this, he called an action of crowdfunding that required, at a minimum, 500 shares In advance. When we told you this, we had no way of corroborate the information, but it seems that it has been a success. At least that is what SAIC Motor has announced, confirming that it will eventually reach the assembly line.

SAIC Motor would have confirmed the MG Cyberster Concept via WeChat

According to several sources, among which is Autocar, SAIC Motor has confirmed that the MG Cyberster Concept will become a street model. The way in which the Chinese constructor would have chosen to announce this news is the profile it has on the social network WeChat. In addition, it has offered another piece of information: the number of advance reservations they have quantified is greater than 5,000, fulfilling the objective that had been raised at first.

The problem is that SAIC Motor is not being as sincere, as we would like, with this project. Yes, because despite having published this and more information, it does not finish announcing the main technical data of the MG Cyberster Concept. Especially those related to the performance of your electric powertrain, energy capacity of the battery or approved average autonomy of the set. That, not to mention its platform or technology …

Do you like the MG Cyberster and want one? Well it could be a reality …

The date, at least approximate, of its possible commercial debut is not official either. Nor is it, even if it is estimated, the price that they could ask to get a unit. For now we are in the dark as we have tried access the official WeChat of SAIC Motor and we have not been able. We will have to wait for them to publish something on their press website, although they do not seem to be in any hurry about it.

Source – Coach

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