His most loyal fans were surprised. What a photograph!

April 06, 2020

Marco Antonio Muñiz better known as Marc Anthony is a 51-year-old American singer who has managed to enamor all his fans and the media with his talent.

As a curious fact we tell you that the artist experienced his first love disappointment when he was just 11 years old. Poor thing! for this reason, on several occasions, he stressed that it was not easy for him to heal his heart.

Recently, we have observed a photograph of the artist that has impressed many since we can see Marc Anthony on the postcard accompanied by the great singer Juan Gabriel.

Juan Gabriel and Marc Anthony

The curious thing about this image is that both singers look totally young and very thin, without a doubt these two great legends were having a good time because they express it in the image.

Among the comments on the image we highlight: “I am very surprised, I love your photo I am fans of both and I adored your latest theme” “how beautiful they look they have me in love, successes and blessings for both”.