It is Zuleika, girlfriend of Sammy Pérez, actor Derbez in When

It is Zuleika, girlfriend of Sammy Pérez, actor Derbez in When | Instagram

The actor and comedian Sammy Pérez, who was discovered by Eugenio Derbez and now fighting a strong battle for his health in a private hospital, he has a long-standing relationship with a girl identified as Zuleika We tell you more details about it!

The actor of programs such as “XHDRBZ” and “Derbez en Donde” among others, Sammy Pérez, became for several years one of the most important figures of the comedy in Mexico.

Regarding her private life, few details are known to this day, however, in the midst of her critical health, the identity of her current partner came to light, her name is Zuleika and apparently, she holds together to the artist a relationship for a few months.

Sammy perez, who has been invited by Eugenio Derbez to participate in several of his projects also acted in the film, “No refunds“directed and starred by Aislin’s father, Vadhir, José Eduardo and Aitana Derbez.

It was the actor of “El Calabozo” who confirmed the news that he was in a new relationship and revealed the name of his girlfriend, whom he exceeds with several years.

Even in a past publication, where the 55-year-old actor appears alongside the aforementioned, a legend apparently written by Sammy Pérez Reyes himself, anticipated that it would be “his second wife.”

Due to this age difference, the comments regarding the comedian’s “courtship” stated that it could be entirely out of interest.

However, in some other interviews, they themselves clarified that it was not the case as they revealed, the young woman is not supported by the famous and has her own job as an aircraft promoter.

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“That was the love affair”

According to past statements by the Mexican actor and his girlfriend, they shared that the place where they met for the first time was at an event in a stadium, the crush was at first sight, after meeting they began to go out and the next day they were an official couple.

The girl shared that the native of Puebla, is much more jealous than her, however, what made her fall in love were his virtues, his good humor and that he is also an extremely attentive man, and apparently, the love between them would come with force so even the wedding rumors were getting louder.

Meanwhile, on his social networks, his followers did not stop warning the actor that he should be very careful and take good care of his property.

Remember to put everything for separate goods my sammy, ‘The one that IS going to take away everything’, ‘What the bill does my sammy’, ‘Get married for separate goods. At the end she looks at your heart ‘,’ Your future, that will leave you in ZEROs’, they commented.

Until this moment, it is unknown if the couple reached an official commitment or if they signed any document that secretly compromised them, however, on the actor’s Instagram account, several images with her enjoying several can be seen. moments together.

Pérez Reyes who came to appear in programs like Chespirito’s in 1993, in a scene from “Maruja’s sister” where he appears as a client who arrives at the “Hotel Buena Vista” where most of the series takes place, in the that even ends up arguing with “El Chompiras”, a character played by Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

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Unfortunately, today the comedian is fighting a strong battle to regain his health after testing positive, he was taken to the hospital emergency, where yesterday afternoon it was revealed that he would have been “intubated” after doctors will try other resources before of executing the complex procedure.

His state of health, today is reported as “delicate” as reported by his representative, Erick De Paz, he would have been notified that last Monday morning the health of the Televisa collaborator would have “worsened.”

The interpreter entered a private hospital last Friday and his condition was reported serious from the beginning, due to the “lung damage” he presented.

Samuel is delicate, he arrived very congested, with a lung badly damaged by COVID. He commented to his partner that “he is on a tightrope,” says the doctor in the audio.

Sammy Pérez Reyes who rose to fame mainly due to the interviews he carried out on the arm of another of his colleagues, Miguel Luis, in the so-called “Impossible Section”, as well as the remembered capsules he made with his partner in the Olympic Games in London 2012.

The charismatic actor has won the sympathy of many viewers for his good humor and his particular way of communicating things, so on social networks the news of his health has caused great commotion and a great circle of prayers has been formed dedicated to the artist.

A helpline has even been opened to partially defray the expenses involved in the costly condition that has seriously compromised the actor’s health, who is expected to be able to overcome it very soon.

“Eugenio Derbez reappears”

It was through social networks where his closest relatives requested the support of the community and of everyone who likes to join this cause, in which even Eugenio Derbez himself reiterated, he has kept an eye on the health of his collaborator from the first moment.

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The also actor, comedian, director, producer, etc., reappears answering many of those who had been asking about him, pointing out that his style to genuinely help is to do it discreetly.

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