It is urgent to invest in girls, boys and young people!

According to UNICEF, the Cross-Sectional Annex of Resources for the Attention of Children and Adolescents serves as a guide to know the total resources that will be allocated for the care of children and adolescents. For 2021, 791,632 million pesos are labeled, which represents a minimum increase of 0.2% compared to 2020. In practical terms, there will be a fairly reduced budget for Early Childhood and services for children under five years of age such as screening that allows the identification and effective disability management.

The coldness of the figures shows the coldness of the decision makers that will lead to 1.5 million girls, boys and young people not receiving school meals due to the 100% cut in the Full Time Schools Program, a total absence of resources to programs aimed at correcting gaps in access and technological use of the student population, a 19% reduction in the Maternal and Reproductive Health Program.

Also, the alert is lit before the budgetary conditions for the protection and restitution of the rights of girls, boys and young people, which places them completely defenseless.

According to the analysis of scholars on the subject, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is sensitive to disadvantaged populations but does not make explicit the priority towards girls, boys and young people. Thus, the Ministries of the Interior, Education, Health, and Welfare work on certain programs and have officials who are aware of the problems these age groups suffer, but forcefulness is needed in the implementation of public policies and so everything breaks down.

The decomposition is deeper now in these dire times of pandemic. And the ingredients for it are before our eyes. Confinement is impacting on the nutrition of these groups, who today consume products with high caloric levels. The confinement is also deteriorating his mental health. The academic lag is brutal. The violence they suffer at home or outside is causing real horror stories.

Yes, money is tight, priorities are many, vulnerability is everywhere, but it would be worth considering that our habit of looking at the short term has not generated the dividends we have intended. Betting on the long term, even in turbulent times, can bring us other results. The generations that come back would greatly appreciate it and the history that would be written would be a great reward.