It is time to look for strengths in the midst of the crisis: Foro Vision Engen

Óscar Cázares, president and CEO of Industrias CAZEL, explained that in 2020 Mexico and the world have experienced a “great paralysis” because demand, supply and all production of goods and services have stopped.

However, in the midst of this paralysis, new business opportunities are emerging because consumption and work habits and the way we communicate have changed. And to take advantage of them, entrepreneurs must “unlearn” and start “good ideas.”

For his part, Ariel Picker, president and founder of Grupo Seguritech stressed that the attitude is relevant to be able to “capitalize on opportunities”, as well as to think about new models and businesses to face the challenges of this economic, social and health crisis. Although he stressed that to achieve this it is necessary for entrepreneurs to have discipline and a clear vision of where they want to aim.

Finally, Juan Pablo Loperena, general director of Engen Capital, considered that this crisis “has returned us to the essentials”, in the sense of economic and physical security to protect and keep us safe from the virus.

Engen Capital is the leading financial company in the Mexican market, specializing in the leasing and business credit industry. It offers comprehensive financing solutions for strategic assets. Creates comprehensive solutions for the financing of all types of equipment: from technology, vehicle fleets, transportation, medical, power generation, manufacturing, processing and material handling, to industrial buildings. Also, Engen Capital has evolved over time to offer a clear and simple financing scheme.