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Antonio García Romero, Head of Technology and Product Strategy at Teldat.

You have just been appointed Head of Technology and Product Strategy at Teldat, how do you face this new challenge?

With great enthusiasm and energy, the Teldat Group has been providing corporate services to its clients for more than 35 years. We are a leading company in the Telecommunications sector, the only European manufacturer positioned in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and with an installed base distributed worldwide.

In this position, he will be in charge of leading the new generation of the Group’s Telecommunications equipment, focusing on three areas: CPE, IoT and cloud. What is the company currently working on in these three segments? Which one will get the most attention and why?

All three divisions are of strategic importance to the company. As a fundamental pillar, the development of advanced corporate access solutions, both WAN and LAN, with the latest trends in 5G and Wi-Fi 6. Export these capabilities to vertical markets such as Transportation and Smart Grids, having the latest generation of router for monitoring of electrical networks and passenger connectivity in trains and vehicles. Finally, all these parts are engaged and managed thanks to our Software layer for virtualized network management and traffic visualization. Each piece provides an ecosystem of solutions to our clients to facilitate and more precisely control the deployment of their corporate networks.

On the other hand, its functions include the creation of an Innovation Division focused on cybersecurity and AI. How is this plan going? Already up and running? What are the advances proposed by the company in these fields?

Teldat is committed to innovation and bringing cutting-edge technologies closer to the needs of our customers. Solutions as important as platforms for cybersecurity or user productivity, focused from the point of view of network and teleworking with a focus on segments from SMB to multinational. A federated data management layer for the development of business intelligence applications adapted to each scenario or for preventive maintenance of infrastructure with portable devices. Each project in this unit is exciting and challenging. We want to transform today’s industry.

Teldat is committed to innovation and bringing cutting-edge technologies closer to the needs of our customers

Another set objective has to do with 5G, what can Teldat contribute in this area?

5G will change how we understand current communications. Imagine capacities of 10 Gbps of bandwidth and delays of units of milliseconds. With these numbers, better quality of service and access to intelligent IoT devices are provided, making possible a massive and real-time control of autonomous cars, home automation applications, extension of the network to rural environments or intelligent sensors for agriculture. Teldat provides the connectivity necessary for all these new smart devices to access these new applications managed in real time and with intelligence in the cloud.

5G will change how we understand current communications

Likewise, the corporation has commissioned you to launch the new generation of EDGE with Artificial Intelligence, what does this project consist of?

Thanks to our technology, we provide access and connectivity to our customers. We also want to help you create additional business layers based on your telemetry data. Our new generation equipment will have GPU running Tensor Flow that will allow, without violating data privacy, to process artificial intelligence algorithms in the EDGEs themselves. Federate them with more smart devices to run the applications in a distributed way, and in an aggregate way that each client can exploit their data according to their infrastructure.

As I see you have a lot of work on your hands, what deadlines have you set to manage all these developments?

All of our development cycles are based on agile methodologies, every sprint we make sure they translate into Producible deliverables for each client. With this base, we want our clients and our engineering team to be part of the company’s creation and innovation process. Deadlines? Today now.

One of its flagship Teldat products is its SD-WAN solutions,One of its flagship Teldat products is its SD-WAN solutions,

Teldat is a Spanish company that has been in the market for a long time. What do you think makes it different from the competition?

Teldat bases its success under three pillars, a first class team with the maximum guarantees of professionalism and trust. A group of clients who for 35 years have trusted in our capabilities in the sector and, finally, a culture of effort and innovation that has led the company to always be at the forefront of technology.

One of its “star” products is its SD-WAN solutions, what are the main advances that we will see in this field? In other words, how are you improving your proposition on software-defined WANs?

Smart virtualized grids are here to stay, our clients asked us for solutions to their problems, logically draw their network, distribute or prioritize their applications, improve the user experience of their employees, secure their communications, ensure optimum quality of service and cost efficiency … Our SD-WAN It solves those problems by trivializing the underlying technology like VPN, BGP, vLAN, etc. We want them to focus on their real problems and we make it easier for them to manage it.

Smart virtualized grids are here to stay

Finally, from your professional experience, what trends do you see in the telecommunications market and in Spain in particular?

We are in a time of change, where typical infrastructure providers see their traditional models threatened by riskier models such as cloud or virtual operators. It is time to understand the needs of the market and create added value in communications. Through our technology, all the telemetry of the network passes, we are in a privileged position to start creating value and praising the figure of the CIO. With our knowledge and experience, exploit data more efficiently, improve service quality with high availability and finally protect yourself with next-generation cybersecurity.

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