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Since Gaby Sabatini retired (27 titles), the great triumphs in women’s tennis are not counted in bulk. The highlight was the 9th place for Paola Suárez in the ranking and No. 1 for Poli herself and Gisela Dulko in doubles. They remained in history as the only N ° 1 nationals of senior tennis, including men.

Nadia Podoroska went to the second round of Rome (EFE).

The three were not only summer swallows, since there was a time with other players that, perhaps not with such importance in the rankings, generated that the activity had examples: Mercedes Paz, Inés Gorrochategui, Florencia Labat, Mariana Díaz Oliva, Mariana Pérez Roldán, Patricia Tarabini (bronze with Suárez in the double of Atenas 2004) and more.

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Although it was a long time since the national women’s tennis did not generate a strong image in which the girls could see themselves reflected and wanted to imitate. The rackets left the place to the stick of Las Leonas in that sense. Meanwhile, the men’s plant did not stop giving champions and even Grand Slams titles with the Cat Gaudio and Delpo. And the Davis Cup!

Sabatini congratulated the Rosario.

Sabatini congratulated the Rosario.

Today, contrary to that drought, Nadia Podoroska offers herself to achieve successes like yesterday against Serena Williams (it is the third top ten that has won since last year) and, better still, showing the witness left by her predecessors. She is the mirror in which the girls can see a true figure, who was not born in a golden cradle or lived in a fairy tale, but rolled up her sleeves to get where she is.. The Rosario knows how difficult the path that led her to this present is, and that is why she offered her triumph as an example so that “Argentine girls believe that they can get to where I am”.

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He said it after beating “the poster” and before posing next to a photo in which Sabatini, his “inspiration”, was seen. Thus, the post is passing from hands although these are counted on the fingers of the ditto.



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