The Ferrari boss assures that they are in a “difficult” situation

Mattia wants to create a solid foundation for the future

The head of Ferrari in Formula 1, Mattia Binotto, has admitted that the rest of this season and also the next will be very difficult due to the restrictions imposed by regulations, but sees in the 2022 regulation change a great opportunity to return to the fight for the championship.

As a measure to reduce costs in the face of the outbreak of the coronavirus, the teams agreed with the FIA ​​on a ‘freeze’ of a series of elements for this season and also for the next. However, the new 2022 regulation – which was originally scheduled for 2021 – will be an opportunity for everyone, and Ferrari wants to take advantage of it.

“How long will we need to go back? Obviously we are in a difficult situation due to regulations. Many components are frozen and we are limited in the wind tunnel or simulations. I think 2020 will be very difficult, and in 2021 I hope we can do better. than now. But I think 2022 will be our great opportunity, “Binotto commented.

“What we are looking for is not a single victory, but to try to create a solid foundation for a new cycle. We know it will take time, but I think that if you look back at the history of Ferrari, there have always been moments of difficulties and we have always recovered from them, and that is what we are looking for, “he added.

The head of the Maranello line-up has had tough times, but he has also lived through the glorious days that led Ferrari to win six consecutive constructors ‘titles – from 1999 to 2004 – and five drivers’ titles at the hands of Michael Schumacher. Now, the Lausanne man hopes to apply all that knowledge to return Ferrari to the top.

“I have been a privileged man. I had the privilege of seeing the beginning of the 2000s with Jean Todt, Ross Brawn, Michael Schumacher and all those drivers, and the victories that we achieved. I think it was important for me in my career, because I learned a lot in that moment. ”

“I learned about the mentality, what is the type of mentality you need to win. I think I learned how to try to create a team, and now I have to try to repeat it. I think having seen it has been a privilege and has been very important to me. professional career “, has expressed Binotto to conclude.

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