If you like Google to make automatic backups of your photos in its cloud, from now on you will have to activate it manually. Google has announced that it stops backing up photos from WhatsApp, Messages and other chat applications.

Until now, Google Photos backed up all the photos that were recognized by its Google Photos app, including those from WhatsApp, Messages and Kik, among others. Hereinafter, this backup will no longer be carried out automatically.

Luckily this time it is not a problem of security, or privacy, or even rivalry between companies. As Google explained in a press release, the reason is that users are taking more photos and videos during confinement, and that is clogging up the not-so-infinite Google networks.

Do not panic! You can still recover the photos you have deleted from your mobile. We show you step by step how to restore deleted photos from your smartphone in 2019.

According to Google, to “save Internet resources”, Automatic backup of WhatsApp photos and other messaging apps in Google Photos has been disabled.

Supposedly this decision is temporary, until everything returns to normal, but Google has not confirmed anything about it. Of course, making a backup of all the photos of all users is a waste of resources, but it was also a waste before confinement … Many users do not need it and others surely do not know that such a backup is taking place.

However, this does not mean that this function has disappeared. Automatic photo copying is no longer done automatically, but the user can activate them so that everything continues as before.

WhatsApp has updated its frequently asked questions to point out that very soon WhatsApp backups for Android will no longer count as busy storage on Google Drive. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about the size of the backup of your chats.

You just have to open the photo app on your mobile. At the bottom tap on Library and then on Photos on the device. Check here See all.

Then select the photo folder of the app that you want to make backup copies. For example, WhatsApp. At the top, tap Backup & Sync.

From now on, all the photos you take with that app will be automatically uploaded to the Google cloud.