“It is not possible to get vaccinated illegally, there is a record”

The national deputy of the Frente de Todos Eduardo Valdes He confirmed that he was also vaccinated at the Ministry of Health by directive of Ginés González García, but assured that there is « nothing illegal » and stressed: « everything goes on the desk. »

The news that a group of doctors from the Posadas hospital vaccinated González García’s guests in the ministry building was revealed by the journalist Horace Verbitsky on his radio show and soon resulted in a scandal known as the VIP vaccination.

In addition to Valdés, the senator Jorge Taiana and the chancellor Felipe Solá, who also make up the delegation that will travel to Mexico with the President, were vaccinated at the ministry. The version circulated, later denied, thatJose Aranda, number two of Grupo Clarín, he would also be vaccinated on the spot.

« Nothing illegal »

« Ginés sent me to the Ministry of Health to vaccinate me »said Valdés, who received the dose as did the journalist in the health portfolio, a situation that led to González García’s request to resign.

The national legislator justified that the vaccine was given because will travel to Mexico next week next to the president Alberto Fernandez and it is « the city with the greatest contagion in Latin America. »

« They summoned us to a vaccination, there were four doctors, nothing illegal. Here it is not possible to get vaccinated illegally because everything is in writing, there is a record, « said Valdés in radio statements.

And he added: « Sunday night the entourage leaves and it seems to me that it is the right thing to do for a person my age. »