It is not covered, Celia Lora impacts with photo and 50% promotion

Not covered, Celia Lora hits with photo and 50% promotion | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful Mexican model, Celia Lora, really enjoys her work as a creator of flirty content and is always thinking about the best way to pose to impact more Internet users who practically already know her completely but always manages to achieve it.

That’s right and this time she did it again modeling without covering absolutely even 1 cm of her beauty and publishing the photograph in her Official Twitter, all to promote the new 50% discount you put on your contents exclusive.

The beautiful daughter of Alex Lora model how God brought her into the world and very coquette Before the professional camera that was in charge of capturing these incredible images in which we could see her pretty face and of course her mesmerizing charms that ended up making her loyal audience fall in love and helped her reach many new users.

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In the photo we can also appreciate some of the most hidden tattoos of the beautiful young woman who by the way also has a channel of Youtube And right there he dedicated a video to us talking about practically everything about his tattoos, although some secrets were still pending.

And it is that the young woman the part of taking attractive naps photos for her private content pages has also been very active in all her social networks, be it YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and recently on Tik Tok.

He has been creating videos for all platforms and always with different approaches, however lately it seems that his favorite is to recreate scenes that seem funny to him by synchronizing his lips with the audios on the Tik Tok platform.


Some of these clips are very funny and demonstrate the great capacity that she has to act out any situation and many more those that involve the villains that Celia likes so much for how they act.

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In addition, he is also participating in the new section of MTV called Acapulco Shock, a new program where they react to the new chapters of Acapulco Shore and of course to the best moments of the entire Reality show, always with the best attitude enjoying the jokes and the personality of the beautiful Mexican.

We recommend you keep an eye on Show News because we will also be informing you about her most recent activities, novelties, curiosities and also everything that Celia Lora publishes in her stories, where she has had the opportunity to develop as a new influencer and introduce ourselves to various companies that they can take their products and services to our homes.

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