“It is not bad to give humor to politics”

After Cristina Cifuentes and Marcos de Quinto, Now it is Ángel Garrido who has surprised when he debuted in Todo es lie as collaborator. The politician has signed for the Risto Mejide program after leaving Ciudadanos.

Garrido was the predecessor of Isabel Díaz Ayuso as president of the Community of Madrid when he was in the PP, but then he became part of the Citizens’ lists.

After the resignation of Ignacio Aguado, Ángel Garrido announced that he was leaving the orange party after more than 30 years in political life, the majority in the Popular Party, and now they have made the leap to television hand in hand with Todo es lie.

Curiously, this signing takes place weeks after Risto Mejide officially offered a position of talk show to Toni Cantó, who also left Ciudadanos Recently. The also actor, after accepting, announced that he would join the lists of the PP in the Community of Madrid as an independent, something that bothered the presenter quite a bit because of the way he had done it.

At the end of the program, Ángel Garrido spoke on Twitter to talk about its premiere: “Thank you very much to Risto Mejide and the rest of the colleagues. It is not bad at all to also give a touch of humor to politics“.