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Private celebration and the affection of his family, Carlos Felipe of Sweden turns 42 at his best

If two weeks ago the Bernardottes commemorated the 75th birthday of King Carlos Gustavo, now they receive another good news: the son of the monarch, Carlos Felipe of Sweden, turns 42 on May 13. On the occasion of this anniversary, the Royal House has shared a new official image of the Prince dressed in military uniform that is taken in one of the halls of the Royal Palace in Stockholm. To toast this return to the sun there are no planned celebrations or official events but, as indicated by the spokesperson for the Royal Family, Margareta Thorgren, the celebrations will take place in privacy. Thus, it is expected that the brother of the heiress to the Scandinavian throne can blow out the candles and open gifts at home, where he has the unconditional affection of his wife, Princess Sofia, and their three children: the princes Alenxander, Gabriel and Julian. VIEW GALLERY -An impostor impersonates Carlos Felipe of Sweden and swindles more than a thousand euros -Carlos Felipe and Sofía from Sweden share unpublished images of their wedding and a significant message Carlos Felipe, who was born by surprise a few weeks earlier than expected while His father was traveling in Germany, he will not be able to throw a big party to celebrate his birthday since that is what the sanitary restrictions indicate, but surely he will have many surprises and displays of affection on the occasion of this important date in which his agenda is free from official commitments. Although it was possible that he would move to the Solliden Palace to be with the Kings, who this week inaugurated a glass exhibition by the artist Bertil Vallien within this residence, in the end it has not been the case, according to Svensk Dam. That is why it is unknown whether he spends his day at his usual home in Villa Solbacken (located in Djurgården, Stockholm) or at another location. Be that as it may, what he is sure is not lacking are calls of affection like those of his sisters, the princesses Victoria and Magdalena, and those of other people in his inner circle. VIEW GALLERY The Prince, who will soon celebrate his wedding anniversary with Sofia from Sweden (they married on June 13, 2015), is going through a beautiful stage marked by the large family he has formed. In these years of marriage, the Duke and Duchess of Värmland have fathered three children who have not only completed their happiness, but have filled their home with joy, entertainment, games, laughter and complicity. This was reflected in the photo that the couple shared at the end of March of princes Alexander and Gabriel, five and three years old respectively, posing with the newborn Julian, with whom they indulge in pampering and attention. The baby is the first to be born in the Royal Family after the changes that the King made at the end of 2019 and therefore it will not be highness but it does occupy the seventh place in the line of succession to the throne and has received the duchy of Halland. VIEW GALLERY His other passion besides family Despite the circumstances, Carlos Felipe has recently been able to take up one of his passions, motor racing. Days ago he was competing in the Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia held at the Ring Knutstorp circuit, although this time his wife and children could not cheer him on the track as on other occasions. “Of course I would like to get to the top of the podium at the end of the season, but everyone wants that. To win you have to have a certain fluidity, stay on the track, not have problems with the car or end up in collisions with others. He said in an interview with, the competition’s official website, and he also has a company called Bernadotte & Kylberg together with Oscar Kylberg that is dedicated to decoration.

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