It is not a joke, it is a particular political protest and it can be done from Google Maps

A farmer held a protest in his own field, in which he made the shape of a 245-meter phallus that can be seen from a satellite.

The reality is that it started as a challenge from a friend. It was accepted and now its author assures that it is a political protest. We talk about Jamie Rix, who on his own farm cut the shape of the plants into the shape of a giant penis. It can be seen through satellites and has generated all kinds of reactions.

The curious fact was recorded in Prince Edward Island, Canada. On a soybean farm, the approximately 245-foot-long phallus was « carved out ». Can be seen from Google maps, which collects images from satellites about 35 thousand kilometers above the surface.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Jamie Rix added a straight line through the soybeans, to drive through the field. Then a friend challenged him to turn it into a giant phallus. « I said, ‘why not?’ Challenge accepted and continued« he told CBC.

Is it a political protest?

The shape seen on Google Maps, once it was seen for the first time, began to gain popularity. Then Rix explained that the phallus points directly to Ottawa, the capital of Canada. And that it is a protest against politicians.

« The government does not seem to have much plan beyond four years and the next elections. Anyway, that’s my feeling. They will say or do anything to be reelected, » he said in reference to his reasons for this particular form in his field.