It is not a good idea for the PP to charge against the businessmen

The president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi. (Photo By Juan Manuel Serrano Arce / Europa Press via .)

The PP thought a few weeks ago that it would be positive to take to the streets his outright rejection of pardons of the independence leaders of the ‘procés’. Dreaming of reissuing the successful precedents in defense of the family. The strategy has not gone well for them: The demonstration of Columbus prodded and the only focus was taken by Vox. The collection of signatures has not reached the expected level. And Isabel Díaz Ayuso put in a I squeeze the Royal House. Rectifications through, both issues have come to nothing compared to the traca final of the matter and that the PP did not know how to foresee.

First were the Catalan bishops who publicly endorsed the pardons claiming that “something more” than the law is needed for the sake of concord and celebrating “the strength of dialogue and grace measures in all conflict situations.” The control panel of the popular ship saw a alarm signal, but they pulled forward.

And a couple of days later, businessmen welcomed the grace measures with moderate optimism. Specifically, the Círculo de Economía supported the pardons and the CEOE president received them with open arms if they help to normalize the situation.

The open dilemma was the following. Pick up cable or step on the accelerator? Well, the PP has opted for the latter, turning a wound that was initially superficial into a deep one. “No ‘lobby’ in search of European funds or any courtly lobbying will manage to get us out of our way,” Pablo Casado declared in recent hours.

This is how the main opposition party has opened a war against businessmen. Those with whom he has historically been in total harmony as they have displayed campaign after campaign for decades. The PP continues in its thirteen, in making a success of its crusade against pardons, establishing itself as the political force that capitalizes and leads the social majority that asks for the fulfillment of the sentence. But it does nothing but lose troops and most of them are getting smaller and smaller

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The PP, in addition, is mistaken for war. Entrepreneurs should not do politics, but economics. They must be neutral. And although they sometimes go overboard, this time they haven’t. Antonio Garamendi, president of the CEOE, has not campaigned for or against pardons. Rather, once they have been confirmed, the measure has been positively valued, understanding that, the more calm and confidence of the consumer, the better the economic data. And period. So Casado’s response is nothing more than annoyance because they have not agreed with him.

Tantrums do not usually bring too many positive things. Is Married going to get the pardons reversed? Is Married going to get businessmen to disdain and demonstrate against the Constitution? Married will promote a schism in the CEOE? Unlike. The sooner you step on the brakes and approach positions with the business sector, the better you will do. In addition, the same argument that Casado has used against the businessmen can be used by these against the president of the PP. Or is it that Casado cannot be pressured by anyone, but he can pressure employers?

Married must not forget that he still has many battles to deal with the coalition government such as, for example, the rise of the minimum interprofessional wage (SMI). Offensives for which the business community can be an important ally. It is true that if Casado arrives in Moncloa, the harmony between both parties will be maximum. But it would do you good if it were like that too while you try the presidential assault.

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