It is just a simulation. Or not. Trailer for ‘Demonic’, a horror movie by Neill Blomkamp

IFC Films presents through its IFC Midnight label the second and definitive trailer of ‘Demonic‘, the director’s fourth film from’ District 9 ‘(2009),’ Elysium ‘(2013) and’ Chappie ‘(2015).

Neill Blomkamp himself signed the script for this low-budget horror thriller filmed in secret during the pandemic, and which at least officially is supposed to revolve “around a young woman who unleashes terrifying demons on her mother after it was discovered that a conflict long-distance between the two involves supernatural forces. ” Or something like that.

Carly Pope, Nathalie Boltt, Chris William Martin, Michael J. Rogers and Andrea Agur lead the cast of this AGC Studios and Oats Studios production that will premiere in the United States on August 20 simultaneously in theaters and on VOD, without for the moment let’s know when or how to get to Spain.

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