Concerned about his symptoms in recent days, Diego Matamoros believes he could have coronavirus. Kiko Matamoros’ son has been alone and isolated at home for almost two weeks with “cough and fever“and he has already called the Community of Madrid’s emergency telephone number. Now he is waiting for a test from the toilets that confirms or clears his suspicions.

Diego Matamoros

The young man has complied with the recommendations at all times, as he assures on the Telecinco website: “I am confined at home, I air a lot and I try not to have contact with anyone. Not so they don’t hit me, that too, but above all because maybe I can be one of the carriers“In the next few hours, he expects to receive a call from a doctor.” I have quite a few symptoms and I think the best thing is to do it to him, “he admits.

Another reason that has made him suspicious has been that one of his friends, with whom he had been training the week before the running of the bulls, has the same symptoms: “He has tested positive,” says Matamoros. What are those symptoms? “I have no snot, but I have no smell or taste, I have swollen angina and a not very high fever, which reach 38.1 ° C, “he explains. Added to the cough and muscle aches,” suddenly it hits my body and leaves me fatal. “

The worst, loneliness

Undoubtedly, the worst thing that Matamoros carries is the fact that he is spending this bad drink alone, only punctuated by the calls of his sister Laura Matamoros and his mother Marian Flores. “It is hard to be alone in a house, all of us who are like this seem very screwed to me. I would have liked to spend this moment with someone,” he admits. Despite the fact that “fever, muscle pain and tiredness” bothers him, he sends a message of optimism: “If I have it, I am a young person, today I endure everything