Roberto Bautista, number 12 of the ATP tennis ranking, declared this Tuesday that he sees “complicated in the short term“that the ATP circuit can be resumed due to the coronavirus and assured that, in case it can be played in August in the United States, it will be “something exceptional”.

05/26/2020 at 16:20



Bautista, who has been confined to his home in Borriol (Castellón), is not optimistic about the return of the ATP circuit, whose return is “scheduled for August” in the United States.

I see it very complicated. There are many deceased in the United States and the return is scheduled for the tour there in August. If we play, it will be something exceptional, with everything under control, “confessed the player from Castellón. Without the possibility of playing abroad in June and July, Baptist blessed the decision of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation to create a League to play in different clubs of the national geography.

The first stop of the MAPFRE League will be on July 10 at CT Lleida. The tour will then continue through Madrid (with the club still to be defined, July 17-19), the Academia Equelite-Ferrero in Villena (Alicante), from 24 to 26, and the RCT Avilés (July 31-August 1).

The MAPFRE League, who will have a final winner on points, will mix two formats. On the one hand, a normal table divided into quarters, semifinals and final. And on the other, a team competition with singles and doubles. Further, there will be activities for club members and players.

“I have not played in those clubs for many years. Like my teammates, I have traveled many kilometers in Spain to climb to this level and that is why I am very excited to return to those places like Lleida, where I played the National cadet, or Avilés, where I won a junior tournament, “said Bautista.

“The initiative is positive. Training with a target of five or six months is not the same as seeing it ahead in six or seven weeks. It makes us prepare more intensely. The League will serve us to shoot for the return to the circuit and also to return to mythical clubs, who are eager to see the Spanish tennis players and we to share moments with them, “confessed the Castellon in statements to Ace.


For Miguel Diaz, President of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, “La Liga will be a party this summer“With the borders closed it was going to be difficult for an ATP, WTA or ITF tournament to take place until August or September. Tennis players are used to playing all year round, so together with them we devised this series of tournaments. The fan has a monkey, “Díaz declared.

The doctor Ángel Ruiz-Cotorro, director of the Federation’s medical services and Rafa Nadal’s personal doctor, avoided commenting on the participation of the Majorcan tennis player.

“Hopefully, we would all be excited. La Liga is a good expectation and a goal, but it will be your team that decides. It is a great opportunity for various cities to see their tennis players in a time when it was impossible. It is a great incentive for tennis, clubs and Spanish sports, “he said.

Along with the MAPFRE League, a Women’s League will also be launched with four tournaments. The RACE in Madrid and the Els Gorsch Tennis Club (Las Franquesas del Vallés, Barcelona) have already been confirmed.