The premiere of Star Wars episode IX: Skywalker’s rise last December marked the end of the Skywalker Saga after more than 40 years of unforgettable adventures. It also involves the dismissal of Anthony Daniels how C-3PO, the peculiar protocol droid that has been present in the most relevant moments of the entire saga and which, in addition, is one of the axes of one of the most recurrent debates in the star wars fandom.

Memories of C-3PO is, as we say, a recurring topic of debate among Star Wars fans. In Star Wars episode III: Revenge of the Sith, we see that Bail Organa orders deletion of protocol droid memories, which include all events around the identity of Darth Vader. The reason why R2-D2 didn’t say anything afterwards it’s a mystery even to Mark Hamill.

In Star Wars episode 9, we see how the group needs to translate a text Sith forbidden to find the pathfinder to take you to Exegol. For it, Babu Frik resets C-3PO so that it can translate such prohibited language. Towards the end of the movie, R2-D2 backs him up, restoring all his memories.

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According to the youth novel of Star Wars episode IX: Skywalker’s rise, when we talk about everyone, it is ALL. The novel itself explains that the first thing the C-3PO photoreceptors caught was a blue-and-white astromech in Star Wars episode I: The Phantom Menace. That is the moment when a young man Anakin Skywalker puts photoreceptors on film. From that moment, it is assumed that C-3PO already remembers all the events that it has experienced over the years, although it takes time to notify anyone.

And yes, the fact that R2-D2 has that information and doesn’t say it, remains a mystery. Although with the fashion of patching it all up in novels, don’t be surprised that we’ll talk about it soon.