“It is absurd that I am labeled as LGTBphobic”, says Lidia Ávila

No tour for the 30 years of OV7

Avila I confirm during the talk that there is still no tentative date to start the tour that celebrates the three decades on the stage of the group, although it is not because of the “false” distancing with M’Balia, but because there is another reason that he revealed to us exclusively.

“I am also looking forward to the tour, at the moment there is no date yet. We are waiting for what the authorities say (through the traffic light), what they decide OCESA, which is the promoter. We signed a contract that expired in February and they gave us an extension, but the condition is that all seven of us had to sign it.

“If not, we had to return the advance, the day after signing it, I received a notarized notification (in which they explained) that I have to return the money they had given us, I did it because I don’t like having legal problems; with that I realize that some of my colleagues did not sign, “he explained Lidia.

At the moment there is no date for OV7 to resume their solo tour. (. 2280596)

Avila confirmed that Oscar Y Mariana, like her, they had signed the extension, so she is more than ready so that, when possible due to a pandemic and the seven of them reach an agreement, go on tour together, after 17 years of not doing a solo tour, since they did get together for the 90’s Pop Tour project.

For the moment, Lidia She is “very happy I have enjoyed my children a lot, this break has been good for me, after working for so many years, on tour and on weekends coming and going; it was incredible, but today to be able to enjoy my family, exploit the part As a businesswoman, this pandemic reinvented me and brought out other positive things, “he said.

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