Utah Jazz and New Orleans Pelicans This morning they gave the starting gun to the return of the NBA after five months in suspension. Positive for coronavirus Rudy gobert, precisely a Jazz player, was the trigger for the delicate situation that he has had to live in the North American basketball competition.

In fact, Gobert’s attitude in the days before it became known that he was infected with COVID-19 caused the majority of fans to turn against him. Images in which the player was seen wavering from the disease, specifically touching all the microphones.

But after months of ordeal, Rudy Gobert himself seems to have found his own forgiveness. In the game against the Pelicans he was key to the development of the victory of his team. In addition to 14 points and 12 rebounds, he made two free throws with five seconds to go that ended up giving the Jazz victory.

On his match, in the corresponding statements for the press, the Frenchman said the following:

« It’s great to have started the road with a victory, but I value being able to do what I really love after all I’ve been through personally and what the world has suffered in recent months. »

« Being able to inspire millions of children around the world and transmit positive values ​​to them is what really fills me and keeps me going. I am privileged, » said Gobert.