“It has warmed me up”

On Thursday February 18, ‘The island of temptations’ aired its fifth installment on Telecinco, which It ended with an unexpected movement by two of its participants: Lola Mencía and Carlos. They both ended up sharing caresses under the covers after they decided to sleep together with Lucía Sánchez after an entertaining party, despite the fact that the bachelor had been especially close with the woman from Cádiz. An approach that, in addition, occurred after the total breakdown of the relationship between Lola and Simone Coppola, and that everything indicates that Sánchez will not like it at all, who in fact had begun to let loose with Carlos despite his lows when thinking in Manu González.

Lola and Carlos play in ‘The island of temptations’ while Lucia sleeps

The girls and their tempters decided to organize a « sex change » party, in which Lola and Carlos were very close, hugging and dancing very close to each other, in a provocative way. « Carlos is handsome, he’s strong, he’s super tall. There has always been a spark between us. He’s my friend, but there’s always been a sexual tension« The Leon recognized in front of the cameras. After the party, the bachelor sneaked into the room where Lola and Lucia slept together, in order to help him remove his makeup, after which the three of them talked See you later.

« Can I stay to sleep? Me in the middle. As long as I stay here today, the matter of cloth happens here, huh? » both. « You put on both of us, we fell asleep. And, in the middle of the night … », joked the bachelor, before what the woman from Cádiz he blurted out « relax, don’t go get your hands on it, huh? » « Carlos wanted to bring spring onion and it was believed that by sleeping there one of the two was going to fall », declared Lucia, before the cameras, who had been especially close with him, although she refused to go to their first date together because of her discomfort after seeing Manu kissing with Stefany Martínez and Fiama Rodríguez. Some words quite contrary to what ended up happening, given that Lola and Carlos started a bite in which the bachelor touched his feet, which ended with caresses under the sheets and clasped hands.

« We have been comfortable, spicy »

« Carlos and I have played. We have been comfortable, spicy. I have very altered hormones and I have warmed up », Lola said, openly, before the cameras. « While Lucia was falling asleep, I don’t know how, Lola and I started to touch each other a bit and the truth is, I didn’t expect it, but it came up, » Carlos explained. In fact, the movements of both that ended up waking up Lucia, who did not hesitate to protest and pretend she wasn’t sure they had been doing more than talking. Something that she denied the next morning, as seen in the promo of the program that will be broadcast on Thursday, February 25, in which she could be seen commenting with her colleagues about what had happened. How will the blatant rapprochement between Lola and Carlos really suit the woman from Cádiz?