“It has nothing to do with the summer season”

According to the minister, if the agglomerations are controlled, the country will go towards « a reduction of cases and in the coming days towards a decrease » Source: LA NACION – Credit: Mauro Alfieri

The Minister of Tourism and Sports, Matías Lammens, He spoke last night about the future of the summer season, due to the doubts that society is going through about whether or not the holidays will be interrupted. According to the minister, if the agglomerations can be controlled, the country will be on the way to « a reduction of cases and in the coming days towards a decline. » And he expressed: « We are making every effort so that the season reaches the end, appealing to the mayors to help us, so as not to have to take measures that are more restrictive. »

The minister once again reinforced that the government’s goal is to maintain the season. He considered that until now there was a good level of compliance by the population and related the high rates of contagion with the relaxation that occurred at parties. « The cases have to do with that and not with the summer season, » he said.

« We made the political decision back in October to have a summer season, because of what it represents for the provinces and the importance it has for thousands of Argentines who live from activities related to tourism, » the minister began in dialogue with TN. He continued: “Of course the number one priority, as the President outlined in March, is take care of the health of Argentines, prioritize health and not throw away all the effort we have made during these months. But it is also true that we have to take care of the economy and keep an eye on the number of jobs that tourism generates.

And he expressed: « In those terms, we have thought about the possibility of having the summer season, which until now has been good, acceptable: more than 5 million Argentines have traveled through the country. »

At another point in the interview, Lammens dismissed the images that circulated last month about the crowds and clandestine parties that took place in different tourist spots and described them as « specific situations. »

The growth of infections raised the alarm near President Alberto Fernández and they recognized that during December and January there was a general relaxation of society regarding care. From the Government, they focused on young people, who today represent 4 out of 10 new patients.

« Has been a very high level of compliance with the protocols, of good behavior from the Argentines. Of course we have seen images of beaches where there are many people, evidently they existed on the Atlantic Coast and in Córdoba. We have to work with each of the mayors and reinforce the presence of the State, but it was very important not only for a part of the population to have the possibility to rest, but also this impact it has on regional economies, « he said.

On the eternal debate on whether to prioritize the economy and health or whether it is possible that both can coexist, Lammens considered it essential that Argentina go through the pandemic while preserving both the health of the population and the economic situation of the country.

Finally, the minister highlighted the Government’s effort to preserve the industry he leads and specified that more than 95% of the companies are family SMEs. «The concern of the sector is understandable. We need these SMEs to stand up a day after the pandemic, we have empathy and that is why we have invested millions of pesos in these companies, « he concluded.

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