It has not yet been Eurovision and Spain is already meme meat

Blas Cantó, during his first rehearsal at Eurovision. (Photo: Raul Tejedor / RTVE)

Blas Cantó, the representative of Spain in Eurovision 2021, took the stage of the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam for the first time this Thursday to perform the first rehearsal of his song, I’m going to stay.

The result did not convince the Eurofans too much, who especially criticized the staging designed by Marvin Dietmann: a moon of gigantic dimensions – seven meters in diameter – that overshadowed everything else.

“I have been excited. The setting is spectacular, “said the artist. However, many did not share that emotion. Very shared were the words of the journalist Laura Ortiz, who summarized her feelings as follows: “I don’t want them to laugh at you, Blas. You are singing about your grandmother, the most important person in your life. It is a song that moves us all … and they put us to a ball “

Opinions like these also proliferated against RTVE:

It was precisely the ball the moon the protagonist of the memes that began to circulate as soon as the rehearsal was finished … and that do not bode well for Auryn’s ex in the final on May 22.

The bookmakers corroborate the public’s sensation for now; According to Oddschecker, Spain is in 30th place in the ranking, tied with four other countries and only ahead of another five, as reported by ABC. Malta and France are the favorites.


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