“It has left my heart in a fist”

Stock image of a taxi. (Photo: GTRES)

Twitter user Verónica Mellado has impacted the social network by publishing the testimony given to her by a relatively young taxi driver from Valladolid who had been admitted to the ICU for coronavirus. “It has left me with my heart in a fist,” he acknowledged.

Mellado has contextualized by explaining that the taxi driver had the air conditioning on, but that the screen that separates the driver from the passenger prevented the total circulation of cold air.

The taxi driver, as he has told, tried to apologize and explain himself. He alleged that he only preferred “to maintain health security in his vehicle because he himself had spent 11 days in the ICU for coronavirus.”

“According to him, he never thought that, being young, athletic, slim and non-smoker something like this would happen to him, but it happened right in the first wave and his stay with colleagues whom he saw die every day without being able to receive visits terrible ”, he has described.

The taxi driver has listed everything he suffered those days and the serious symptoms he had: “There were the pain: pneumonia, headache, muscle pain, physical exhaustion and mental fog, inability to get up for absolutely nothing.”

“Not even to move a finger with which to pick up a phone. As it got worse, I saw some get better and others not come back. He thought he was not coming out of that ”, he added.

During the race, he said, the taxi driver stopped the car and the meter to cry and apologize for telling him his story. Mellado told him not to worry, that he understood and asked him to take the time that was necessary.

“He tells me that he would not want to go through something like that or the deniers …

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.

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