“It has been a suffering of ups and downs, but I am very happy”

Albert Arenas has been proclaimed Moto3 world champion this Sunday, in a race not suitable for the faint of heart. The Spanish suffered in the last bars of the grand prize, but finally managed to seal the title of world champion in the bronze category, although after the test he assured that he still He can not believe it.


It’s amazing, I still need a little time to absorb it. At the beginning, the race went very well, I was really enjoying myself, driving. There was a time when the rear tire couldn’t handle it in any way. I don’t know why, but it was very hard because of so much drop in performance. Then the group behind me caught up. We had a tough fight with Tony (Arbolino) on the last lap. My mother I am happy because throughout the season we were able to overcome all obstacles. We have come here with the job done. We did a great job this weekend, thank you very much to the team, to the family, to KTM and to all those who have followed and supported me. Many thanks to everyone who has made this possible. “

Very suffered race

«It has been a suffering of ups and downs. At the beginning I was very good, then I had a problem with the rear tire. It was difficult for me to stay on top of the bike at maximum incline, don’t ask me why. Towards the end, I have picked up the pace again. I was able to catch Arbolino and Binder again, but in the last lap there was a very big mess there. There have been many touches. In the end, we have been there the whole season, the whole race. We have given our best and we must enjoy the moment ».

What has crossed your mind when crossing the finish line?

Like it or not, a lot of things go through your head. I still did not believe it, I have been very calm during these days, I have tried not to think about it too much and that has made, now, everything comes suddenly, but I am very happy. I really want to see everyone, talk to them, comment and watch the race, learn from this moment. A lot of things have happened and there are things to get out. Yesterday I saw the Thailand race (2019). It’s brutal, I’m very happy.

Changes compared to Thailand 2019

«Many things have changed, of course. We can say that we are world champions.