“It has been a rush, this is the way”

06/23/2021 at 8:23 PM CEST

His was the most anticipated return. Sergio Busquets dressed again short after the quarantine that had to undergo his positive in Covid-19, which made him miss the first two games of the group stage. “I’m excited about how bad I have been, the group is very strong and all this has made us grow; we have to face it with this mentality,” explained the captain, visibly moved.

“We did not play the games we wanted and achieving this victory has been a rush, this is the path and it will strengthen us a lot for what is to come”said Busquets, who has claimed to have “plugged in the public from the beginning of the meeting.”

Draw 0-0 against Sweden and 1-1 against Poland. Against Slovakia came the first victory of the ‘Red’ in this European Championship. “The luck that we have not had in the first matches has come with the first goal this afternoon”Sergio has said.

And Spain’s next opponent in the round of 16 will be Croatia, whom Busquets has a lot of respect for. “He is the subcampoena of the world, he is a difficult opponent, we know Modric, his captain, very well”. Of course, the captain of the selection warns the Croats that it will not be an easy confrontation for either of the two teams. “We are very difficult to beat one game, we beat Germany, the Netherlands … We are confident and hopefully it goes well”, it is finished.

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