Thalía and Alejandro Fernández were exposed

March 28, 20208: 06 AM

Thalía is one of the most well-known and famous Mexicans today and it is that her excellent taste and talent have helped her cross the border without stopping.

Let’s remember that the singer Thalía has a very spontaneous personality that helped her to attract followers without stopping because she falls in love with everyone.

Recently, we have observed some photographs of Thalía together with Alejandro Fernández, who has left us all open-mouthed, as we can see how from one moment to the next, both artists decide to hug.

What is striking is that we have been shown to have a closeness never seen before because Alejandro did not hesitate to hug Thalía at any time. What good friends!

Among the comments on the images we highlight: “How beautiful they look, I love them both, they are pride for Mexico” “I see it and I don’t believe it, they really make me very happy”