“It does not refer to the achievements of the Government”

Pablo Iglesias, Podemos candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, did not violate the electoral law with the video with which, from his office as second vice president of the Government, he fired from office on March 30. This has been agreed by the Provincial Electoral Board of Madrid this Monday in a meeting in which it has decided file the complaint that the Popular Party presented against the publication of this video. He does agree with the popular ones, on the other hand, in his complaint against the advertisements that Podemos has contracted on Facebook. In addition, it has also resolved that the PP must withdraw some brochures with which they encouraged voting by mail to the formation with a photo of the president and candidate, Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

“Although the recording seems to have been made from the official office of the Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030”, it can be read in the resolution, “it should be noted that its essential reason is Iglesias’ dismissal from his official position“. In this sense, the Board considers that article 50 of the LOREG has not been violated, as denounced by the PP, since” there is no appreciable reference to the achievements made by the Government, nor is it intended to influence vote to the electors “.

The PP understood in its complaint that Iglesias did not respect the mandatory neutral use of public and institutional spaces during the campaigns, something that the Electoral Board now rejects. “The character of dismissal from the official position prevails, which is understandable to us “, states the resolution.

However, it is not the only decision that the Board has adopted this Monday, since it has estimated another complaint from the PP, the one related to an advertisement by Podemos on Facebook. The popular denounced that the campaign that the purple ones uploaded to the social network to request microcredits it included the LOREG. The Board has ruled that, although the video is “in itself legitimate”, the mention “Choose the electoral list of Podemos for the regional elections of the Community of Madrid!” Is not. “This constitutes an act of electoral propaganda by directly collecting the vote of the electors for a concrete and precise electoral process, which incurs the prohibition established in the aforementioned article 53 of the LOREG “, reads said resolution.