It could be official! Jennifer Lopez moves to Los Angeles


Ben Affleck is younger than JLo 3 years | .

The singer is 51 years old (AP)

The singer is 51 years old | AP

Ben Affleck has become a movie celebrity (AFP)

Ben Affleck has become a movie celebrity | .

Their reconciliation could be official (AFP)

Your reconciliation could be official | .

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill became good friends (AFP)

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill became good friends | .

One of the news that has attracted the most attention in the last week and of which it is “necessary” to know every detail of it is the supposed reconciliation between Jennifer Lopez and Ben aflleck, although these assumptions are increasingly clarified a little more now it turns out that the Bronx Diva He has moved to Los Angeles, perhaps to try something with the American actor.

Although they continue to be rumors, because the couple has not confirmed anything official at the moment, sources close to both celebrities, very close friends have confirmed that they are happy that after several years have passed since their separation they finally agreed to be both single.

Surely the story of Bennifer not finished yet, especially since the very JLo confirmed that this had been her first true love breakup.

It was for this reason that knowing that they began to meet again the days that Jennifer Lopez broke her engagement with Alex RodriguezIt was one of the news that most impacted his followers, so they immediately began to be a trend again.

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As is already normal among celebrities and stars of the stature of Jennifer Lopez the fact that they have several properties including houses around the country is something more than normal, the surprising thing is when they decide not only to spend a weekend there but to stay and live for a while as the interpreter of “is said to do.”I’m Real“in Los Angeles, California in the United States.

Again, it was a source close to the actress and singer who mentioned that she will leave Miami, Florida to move with her twins Maximilian and 13-year-old Emme, to move to California, it is even mentioned that she will be looking for schools for her children .

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This decided has the beautiful actress from Hollywood excited by the fact that she will be able to spend more time with Affleck, with whom she has been seeing her on constant occasions not only during the day but also at night enjoying romantic dinners and more.

The most excited about this possible reconciliation are the fans of both stars, due to the fact that there is a possibility that their love story will conclude as much as we expected in 2002-2004 and that they will now get married, because their separation is not It was due to irreconcilable differences, arguably pressure from the media and paparazzi.

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With each new piece of news that appears relative to both actors, the Internet quickly becomes saturated with memes in their honor, of course without being offensive, but due to the fact that despite the fact that many years pass we could find love again with our ex-partners. Obviously if you had a story similar to theirs and where they separated on good terms.

The source close to the singer also mentioned that she was extremely excited by the fact that she will be able to share more with the actor and with this new beginning they may revive the love that they had years ago and that over the years became a beautiful friendship, this because they never stopped talking, they always maintained communication with each other, this was made by Ben.

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Several photographs of both being together are circulating on the Internet, these apply when they were dating 17 years ago and of course the new images that have been shared since a week after the break with the American player.

Perhaps in a few weeks it will be Jennifer Lopez herself who officially shares the news for her followers about her relationship with the actor, we will have to wait and see how she lets us know.

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