It comes out! Andrea Legarreta swears in Hoy program

It comes out! Andrea Legarreta swears in Hoy program | Instagram

One of the conductors of the Today program that to date continues to be one of the viewers’ favorites is undoubtedly Andrea Legarreta who so far is the oldest in the program, thanks to her personality she has managed to conquer her followers and perhaps certain mistakes of which she has been the protagonist forgive him, as happened in the last transmission of the program where he accidentally released a “curse“.

It was during the broadcast of the section “The stars dance in Hoy“, where the wife of Erik Rubín, made a small mistake when mentioning a certain word that should not be said on the air.

The program is live, so not everything that happens there can be edited, so the drivers and guests of Hoy tend to be very careful with what they express, in a video that was shared on YouTube on the Santiago channel, we will share it with you right away.

Several netizens began to write that the comment of Andrea Legarreta that despite the fact that it is not a very wise word, they found it very funny because of the way he said it.

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The beautiful television celebrity was giving his criticism to the couple made up of Aleida Núñez and Capi Albores, both two celebrity personalities, she is an actress, singer, model and businesswoman while the second is one of the program hosts although he is responsible for sharing the weather information.

Both joined the section of “The stars dance in Today” as a new challenging couple that will undoubtedly try to stay as long as possible to become the winners of the program, although apparently they started on the wrong foot because they had so much only two days to rehearse, and the criticism that Lolita Cortés gave them was not one of the most flattering that we say, although the couple took it in the best possible way.

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To the beautiful driver and wife of Erik Rubin, says Galilea Montijo is known as “The Judge of Candy”, for her all the participants give their best effort and always try to find the best of the dance she just watched.

As happened this May 13, where he issued his criticism and mentioned this “expletive”, Andrea had been delighted and said that she had fun with the presentation of the couple who, in addition to everything, had the opportunity to have music on video with the Sonora Dynamite.

The laughs for her and that in fact is something more than common because she is always smiling, they were not lacking with Albores, so from the first words she mentioned she referred to him saying “Capi, you are very shitty”, immediately realized what he had said and began to ask for forgiveness but at the same time everyone present began to laugh non-stop and even Lolita Courteous.

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What Andrea meant was that it was very funny, “they mentioned.

The laughter did not stop for a few seconds because it was the fact that Legarreta did not make this comment as a criticism but rather a compliment to her partner, whom she herself said she adored him for his personality and cynicism (when accepting that dance nothing).

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For this and many other things, Andrea Legarreta continues to be one of the favorite drivers, especially because she is not a woman who usually gets into conflicts with other people, her personality, charisma and sympathy conquer everyone just like Galilea MontijoBoth, in addition to being friends, are two great personalities.

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