The legendary Magic Johnson, just know officially the election of former guard Kobe Bryant, of the Los Angeles Lakers, as a new member of the Basketball Hall of Fame, corresponding to the Class of 2020, ofclarified the great sadness he felt that he could not be to celebrate.

04/04/2020 at 21:47


Bryant, 41, died on January 26 in a helicopter accident in which his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and seven other people who were going to bo also died.rdo of the ship when it crashed in the mountainous area of ​​Calabasas (California) just outside Los Angeles.

Johnson, who is also a member of the Hall of Fame, He said that he was very sad to think that in the introduction as a new member the ‘Black Mamba’ would not be present to receive the award.

Broken heart

“It breaks my heart that he is not there so that he could receive the award and give a great speech”, Johnson stated through his social networks, while congratulating and supporting all of Bryant’s family.

“But to his wife and three daughters, his parents and two sisters, I want to congratulate them,” said Johnson. “All of us, as fans and players of the Lakers, will be there to support them. “

Along with Bryant, expivot Tim Duncan and former power forward Kevin Garnett were also chosen, all of them retired in the same year of 2016 after adding 11 league titles and four regular season Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards among them. His choice is already considered one of the most important classes in the history of professional basketball.

The ceremony, in the air

The introductory ceremony for the new members electedtwo will take place on August 29, in Springfield, Massachusetts, where the Hall of Fame is located.

However, it is not certain that it can be carried out on that date due to the coronavirus pandemic that has forced the indefinite suspension of the NBA and sport in the United States.