Israeli stadiums will be able to host unlimited vaccinated fans

05/05/2021 at 8:29 AM CEST


Israel continues to leave the coronavirus behind and today approved raising meeting limits to host events in spaces such as sports stadiums, where the people vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 will be able to attend without restriction of number.

The government Cabinet that manages the measures against the pandemic decided that the facilities that operate under the green pass plan – such as those for sports or culture – are no longer subject to attendance limits. However, this program implies that can only give access to those who received two doses of the vaccine or recovered after becoming ill with the virus.

The President of the Israel Professional Football Leagues, Erez Kalfon, this afternoon showed his satisfaction with the new rules.

“I am glad that from this weekend” the fans “will be able to fill the stadiums” and “the decisive matches of the Israeli teams” will be able to “be seen by some 30,000 spectators” from the stadiums themselves, he celebrated in a statement.

Until now, stadiums had to limit attendance to a third of their total capacity, which meant a presence of a few thousand fans in relation to the tens of thousands before the virus, a spokesperson for the highest football competition told EFE.

However, in the coming weeks, “some 30,000 spectators” will be able to return to the largest fields in the country, he stressed. Kalfon.

At the same time, unvaccinated children will be able to access the stadiums if they were negative for COVID-19 in a test done three days before.

Israel continues with a return to almost complete normality after a rapid vaccination campaign that immunized more than half of its population.

This resulted in a progressive decrease in the rate of morbidity, deaths and hospital admissions in serious condition due to the virus, at this time less than a hundred.

Weeks ago, Israelis were no longer required to wear a mask outdoors.

However, the Israeli Government appeals to remain cautious in the face of new variants. Yesterday he identified the first two cases of the Brazilian strain and warned about a first case of what he described as a “Chilean variant.”

This occurs less than three weeks from the date set for the start of the return of foreign tourists. Israel has banned access for visitors with a tourist visa since the beginning of the pandemic, but plans to receive limited groups of vaccinated people from May 23.