Israel removes its mask and begins to say goodbye to coronavirus

Israel’s Ministry of Health has announced that as of Sunday it will no longer be mandatory to wear a mask outdoors in the country. The Minister of Health, Yuli Edelstein, has informed through a statement that he has made the decision based on expert recommendations.

“Masks are meant to protect us against the coronavirus,” so “after health experts concluded that they are no longer needed outdoors “, decided “to allow it according to your recommendation.”

“The level of morbidity in Israel is very low thanks to our successful vaccination campaign and therefore we can relax more restrictions “, has continued the head of the Health portfolio, reports The Jerusalem Post.

However, he has launched a message of caution and has asked citizens “to still Wear a mask to be able to enter closed buildings. Together we will keep morbidity low, “he stressed.

The suspension of these measures has been on the table for weeks in the country, although the authorities have preferred to wait for the recent commemorative days that have taken place in Israel to pass due to the fear of possible crowds that a higher incidence would be triggered.

In addition, also from Sunday the Israeli educational system will return to function in its entirety and without the measures applied until the moment of bubble groups.

Israel has had one of the most successful vaccination campaigns against Covid-19 with almost five million citizens who have received the complete immunization schedule.