Israel develops technology to make its soldiers invisible

Kit 300 is a camouflage sheet that combines metals, microfiche and polymers to make soldiers invisible.

An iron dome that responds to any potential air attack threat. The absolute sponsorship — and financing — of the United States. And now an army that can fade from the battlefield without even abandoning it. Israel is perfectly on track to become the most powerful army in the world with an innovative delivery: in the near future, the militia will have invisible soldiers.

Now you see them, now you don’t

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The new camouflage technology to be implemented by the Israeli Army will allow its soldiers to become invisible. Known as “Kit 300“, This strategy will allow the members of the militia who go to the battlefield literally vanish into thin air in front of their enemies.

This new technology is made of thermal-visual concealment material. For this reason, it makes the soldiers do not see each other in the space they are in. Now, once it was acquired by the Israel Defense Forces, it is being tested in the United States to confirm how effective and safe to use it is.

According to The Jerusalem Post coverage, the material used combines metals, microfiche and polymers that cover the body of the military. It can function as “a light stretcher”, which makes them difficult to detect naturally by the human eye.

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Unexpected attacks

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The idea is simple: the military can be wrapped with this material or putting the ‘sheets’ together to create the visual illusion that they are not there. In this way, they can be confused with the rocky or desert landscape on the battlefield, and consolidate as invisible soldiers.

“Someone looking at them with binoculars from afar will not see the soldiers,” said Gal Harari, head of the imaging and detector technology branch of the Defense Ministry’s research and development unit. In addition to not be perceived at a long distance, the material is lightweight – no more than 500 grams – and can be implemented soon.

Along with the Iron Dome and the weapons Israel currently has, this new feature will give your army a considerable advantage on his adversaries. With the unquestionable support of the United States, it could become the more difficult political and military dumbbell to fight in the Middle East.

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