ISR declaration to the SAT, 7 errors that will not pass

When you file your annual, monthly or informative return and you make an error in your personal data or in your tax figures, the SAT allows you to correct it up to three times, through the complementary returns.

The format of the returns can only be modified if an error was made when recording the data, an obligation was omitted, if a payment was not recorded due to forgetfulness or if there were errors in the calculation of taxes.

If you sell or provide services and do not deliver sales notes to your clients or do not deliver the ticket from the tax verification machine, you must make the corresponding correction in your statement. Photo: Reformation.

Here are seven mistakes you shouldn’t make when filling out your ISR statement:

1. You deduct what you spent on the purchase of a car, as well as the expenses derived from its use, as if you used it in your company or for your work activities, and in reality it is used by you and your family. You cannot deduct the purchase of a car, nor its maintenance expenses when the vehicle is for family use. Don’t pretend to pass it off as your company.

2. You presented notice of suspension of activities, due to the suspension itself or due to the closure of the business; You restart activities and issue receipts or invoices without giving notice of the resumption of activities to the SAT. When resuming activities you must notify the SAT, so you can issue tax receipts. The economic activity you carry out and the corresponding obligations must also be updated.

3. You sell or provide services and do not deliver sales notes to your customers and if you have a tax verification machine, you do not deliver the corresponding ticket. You must provide the sales note or the invoice ticket. If you dont do it. The penalty for this omission is a fine or closure.

If you do not issue these vouchers, your customers can report you. And you must report your suppliers when they do not comply with that obligation.

4. You were registered as a landlord of a property, you stopped renting it and opened a business there without notifying the SAT, you have invoices printed with the Tax Identification Card that you already have.

If you carry out an economic activity different from the one that you declared to the SAT, you must update that activity and your obligations, until after that you send the tax receipts to be printed.

5. You notify the SAT of your change of tax address and continue to issue invoices or receipts with the previous address.

When you submit a change of tax address to the SAT in the tax receipts, you must notify the SAT so that your new address appears on your new tax receipts.

6. Deliver original documents to the accountant or manager, such as invoices, income and expenses statement, so that they can declare and pay taxes, and not request that they return them.

You must not deliver original documents, you have the obligation to keep them for 5 years at your tax address, you must also have the original proof of having submitted the returns.

7. Not keeping the accounting book or books. You are required to keep accounting books, in which you have a record of income and expenses. You will be penalized if in a review you do not have that book.

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