Study is done by researchers from the Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)

Researchers from Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp) show that the cases of covid-19 in the interior are three weeks behind the numbers registered in the capital and in metropolitan regions, such as Campinas, Sorocaba and Baixada Santista – which indicates that this region would not have reached the peak of cases. The team of scientists participates in the Coronavirus Contingency Center, created by the João Doria management (PSDB).

The researchers’ conclusion is that this is due to the isolation made in the capital and serves as an indication that it is not yet time to relax the quarantine. Larger cities – such as Bauru, Araraquara and Ribeirão Preto – have a responsibility to protect smaller municipalities, according to the researchers. In these areas, there is greater difficulty in accessing hospitals and equipment.

Team of scientists participates in the Coronavirus Contingency Center, created by João Doria management


With the overload of public and private services in São Paulo and the metropolitan region, the Doria management is already considering taking inpatients to hospitals in the interior. The State Secretary of Health, José Henrique Germann, also said that there is an intention of the government to make another partnership with private hospitals, to avoid the collapse.

To maintain the effects of the quarantine, the government recommends avoiding trips on the long weekend of the Tiradentes holiday. The 20 concessionaires that operate the 9,800 km of highways granted will reinforce messages to drivers.

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